International Entrepreneurship Contest for University Students 2018AW in Hyogo

(November 23rd-27th,2018,Hyogo,Japan)

Executive Committee of International Entrepreneurship Contest for University Students

July 6,2018



 The International Entrepreneurship Contest 2018 in Hyogo, initialed by the executive committee of international venture contest for college students, is a multinational activity of business plan for college students. It will be held from November 23,2018 to November 26,2018. We will invite entrepreneurship teams of college students from different countries and decide the champion of the contest. We believe that the spirit of the innovation is of vital importance for the development of the world young people. This contest can not only provide a platform for presenting good ideas and projects of entrepreneurship but also bring great opportunity for being invested and cooperating with excellent partners worldwide.



  Hyogo prefecture is not only having a large number of tourism resources, but also one of the first places to open the harbor in the Meiji restoration period of Japan. 150 years ago, Hyogo prefecture opened the door to foreign exchanges and started to open its arms to cultures from all over the world. Today, Hyogo prefecture has become a model of the perfect integration of eastern and western cultures. It is not only culturally unique to Japan, but also exotic. The well-preserved residential areas of foreigners - the north of the foreign people's pavilion street, Kobe Chinese Street where the Chinese immigrants gathered in, the beautiful scenery of Rokko mountain, the ancient and ingenious Arima Spring water and so on have added its unique charm to Hyogo prefecture.


  On the other hand, however, the city is facing with various challenges nowadays. For example, Aging and low birthrate problem, conflicts with globalization, and Cultural heritage issues and so on. Under this background, the development of Hyogo is facing challenges and opportunities. We hope the contest can provide a stage and platform for those energetic and creative youth and also increase the power of the commercial development of this city. The topic scope of this contest, which includes history, culture, environment, will be very extensive. Through this activity, we want to promote the internationality of Hyogo and make contributions to solve the challenges that Hyogo is facing.



2.Institutional Framework



Executive Committee of International Entrepreneurship Contest for University Students

※This contest is a subcommittee of the 5th Japan-China Educational Exchange committee.



Global Education Service Co., Ltd

IKUTA Global Co., Ltd



Hyogo Prefecture

The Consortium of Universities in Hyogo

WASEDA-EDGE Global Talent Development Program

Ritsumeikan University Chinese Alumni Association



The Main Judge Commissions


Judge Professor Masahiro Toriyama

Major in Master of Business Administration at the Graduate School of Management in Ritsumeikan University


  Tokyo Institute of Technology Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering Department of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science, Doctoral course Completed Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University Marketing, Management Policy, master's course Completed

Previous Work Experience with a senior consultant at Nomura Research Institute. Japan's top marketing expert. Previous Work Experience with a Marketing consultant at the world-renowned Nomura Research Institute. Professor Toriyama also holds a concurrent post as a consultant for multiple enterprises.

Hold several patents and applied to the business field.


Judge Professor Changju Kim

College of Business Administration/Department of Business Administration in Ritsumeikan University


  Osaka City University  Graduate School of Business  Doctoral course  Completed, focus on marketing, retail business strategy.

The Chair of International Planning Committee, Japan Society of Marketing and Distribution, Vice President of Korea Distribution Association, and holds multiple important positions in many academic institutions.At the same time, he is also the professor of the famous Japanese consulting firms IZUMIYA Research Institute.

Judge Professor Satoshi Sugahara
School of Business Administration in Kwansei Gakuin University
 Yokohama National University Graduate School of Division of International Business Law Doctor's Course completed. University of Sydney Graduate School of Education and Social Welfare Doctor's Course completed.
Professor Sugahara researches on Accounting and Finance, and also focus on international harmonization of accounting standards 
Judge Professor Richard Miller

Faculty of Business Administration in Kobe Gakuin University  
 University of Liverpool Graduate School of Business Administration master's course Completed. Temple University Graduate School of Educational Technology Master's course Completed. Research on the    Political Economy and Management.
Professor Miller also has a lot of experience of entrepreneurship education


Consultant of this International Entrepreneurship Contest, Associate Professor  Susumu Takase

Graduate School of Management in Kyoto University


  Kobe University Graduate School of Business Administration Doctoral course  Completed, focus on Business Start-up strategy, research on the industrialists and entrepreneurs。He is being a consultant for the University student entrepreneurs at Kyoto University. And provides the investment funds to Start-up enterprises. Professor Takase has deep understanding for University student entrepreneurship, he has both theory and practice. Professor Takase will occupy the consultant for the International Entrepreneurship Contest this time.

3.Entry Requirements

Entries need to be able to closely integrate information technologies such as internet, new energy, biomedicine, and cultural heritage with cultural life.

The entries mainly include the following types:

①Telecommunication, IT, Technology

②Environmental Improvement, New Energy

③Health, Biomedicine

④Traditional culture, cultural creativity


Industry and form are not limited, if it is necessary to abide by local laws and customs.




4.Participants(Sign-up as a team)

The projects shall be creative and present relatively mature product prototypes or service modes.


Team participation. Teams need to be students in colleges or universities (Can be a college student, graduate student. Excluding working students.) Each team has no less than 4 people and a cap of 8 people.


we are not responsible for your entry fees.

The contest not only helps the participating teams to connect with the investment institutions, but also grants real bonuses




The competition rule is competitors will be screened by the registration information at the preliminary round, and the final competition will be in Japan. Registration information will be audited by the organizer, and those who passed would be invited to the final competition.


Language of contest

English (Presented in English.) About 10 minutes for presentation, 5 minutes for Q&A


How to give the presentation

You have to give the presentation by PPT, you could show it all together, or choose one representative to do it by him/herself. During the Q&A period you could answer after the team discussion.

The ceremonial form of the PPT and all the details about it which you must follow would be sent by email on 24th, November.






Registration Deadline: October 7, 2018

After screening the submitted business plan, we will invite qualified teams to participate in the rematch group.


[Preliminary Results Announcement] Email notification on October 9, 2018

The total schedule is 5 days. November 23 (Friday) - November 27(Tuesday) 2018​

7.Review Rules

8.Registration method

Completed the specified form in English (Annex: Entries), convert it to PDF format (file less than 3M), and sent PDF file to email:

For related information, please contact any office of XiangFei Global Education Group(China area)

Phone NO.:

Shanghai: 021-5566-1085

Beijing: 010-8069-8510

Guangzhou: 020-3826-2404


The award-winning projects get the award certificate. Excellent business plan has the opportunity to get angel investment.

10.Expenses(Application from over seas only)

Participation fee: JPY¥140,000 (¥8,800 RMB) 

The expenses cover: Expenses of registration, Accommodation & transportation during the contest International postage of invitation letters Banquet twice (welcome party and farewell party) Overseas medical insurance.

How to apply
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